Quality assurance

The Working Group on Anaphylaxis Training and Education (AGATE) has a quality management (QM) concept. The concept builds on the many years of experience of the working groups Asthma Training (AGAS) and Neurodermatitis Training (AGNES). It serves to optimise the quality of structures, processes and results of anaphylaxis training. New findings from the fields of medicine, education, psychology and nutritional sciences are integrated into the training work in a coordinated form.

Since 2011, anaphylaxis trainers have been trained according to a standardised curriculum at the AGATE academies. The recognition of observation centres is done by the individual certified academies. If the demand increases, recognition may also be possible via the AGATE board.

AGNES, AGAS and AGATE trainers have joint quality meetings every year. Your contact person you can find here.

The revised quality manual will soon be available for download here.

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