Trainer training with modular training concept

Since 2011, anaphylaxis trainers have been trained at the AGATE academies according to a standardised curriculum. The training concept is based on quality-assured, cross-disease modular training concepts. Mode developed by the working group "Anaphylaxis" of the German Society for Allergology and Clinical Immunology for patients (children, adolescents, adults) and their relatives. In addition, educators and teachers can be trained. The basis of the anaphylaxis training is a well-functioning training team with multidimensional professional qualifications. In addition to the respective professional aspects, the training includes in particular psychological-pedagogical, family-oriented and practical and everyday aspects in order to meet the needs of the patients and their relatives.

Procedure (Requirements Routing slip) to the trainer education

At Quality Manual/Curriculum you will find all further information about the trainer training. A prerequisite for the trainer training for all professional groups is at least 1 year of professional experience in the field of allergology with anaphylaxis patients. During the trainer training you will receive a Routing slip (please click and print) for the documentation of the participation in the theory seminar and the implementation of the observation and supervision.

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