Types of courses

Course forms staggered according to age groups

The training team is a specially trained, interdisciplinary team, which is put together according to the requirements from the professional groups: Doctor, psychologist or social pedagogue, nutritionist and optionally (paediatric) nurse or medical specialist. Not every type of course is offered in all centres.

Parents of children 0 to 6 years
Parents receive practical training on the topic of anaphylaxis on two evenings of three hours each, without their children being present.

Children 7 to 12 years and their parents
Parents and their children are trained (most of the time separately from each other) in a practical and age-appropriate (playful) way on two afternoons of three hours each or alternatively 6 hours (with break) on a weekend day around the topic of anaphylaxis.

Teenagers 13 to 17 years
Training camps for young people take place 1-2 times a year at the weekend. In addition to knowledge transfer and many practical exercises on the topic of anaphylaxis, safe emergency management and handling of the adrenaline auto-injector, there is also time for a joint leisure programme as well as sports and exercise.

During two evenings of three hours each, you will gain practical knowledge on the topic of anaphylaxis.

Training for relatives
Close relatives, e.g. grandparents or friends, who are involved in the care of the children, are informed about the topic of anaphylaxis in a practical way in a two-hour training session, and the safe handling of the adrenaline auto-injector is practised.

Training for educators and teachers
In a two-hour training course, practical knowledge about the clinical picture of anaphylaxis, symptom recognition, emergency management and the use of the adrenaline auto-injector as first aid is taught.

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